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About Teledaktar

Health Care For You (Pvt.) Ltd (HC4U) has been established in May 2015 and then created EDISON Health Care Ltd (EHCL) in January 2017. The vision is to improve the health care service in the country with the provision of citizens’ health records in a digitized platform. Boasting on the slogan of “taking charge of one’s own health” the EHCL introduced a turnkey innovative health care management solution with its Web and Mobile based brand “Teledaktar” which allows everyone to empower them to store their personal health records (PHR) in electronic format; communicate with doctors and hospitals and connect with insurance and other stakeholders to build a synergy of transformative national health care environment. Teledaktar’s mission is to facilitate the providers of health care in democratizing data to empower clinicians to address the cultural shift towards data-driven decisions in an effort to unlock further value from analytics investment. EHCL has the largest panel of doctors, hospitals & diagnostic centers to facilitate its members to minimize out-of-pocket healthcare expenses by getting discounts in treatments at reputed hospitals and diagnostic centers across the country.

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